Where 2-Way Radio meets Extreme Software

Welcome to Kelrad Software's information site on our flagship software AVL system. The Kelrad Server System works in harmony with Kenwood conventional, trunking and digital 2-Way radio equipment to allow users to benefit from both voice communications as well as sophisticated GPS vehicle tracking.  Our software and system packages are very affordable and clearly the best software technology available for Kenwood radio systems.  Be sure to contact our offices and schedule a live no-obligation web demonstration of this amazing product.  

Kenwood Fleetsync radios automatically roam from site to site in LTR or a conventional radio systems. Now you can create a wide area AVL network that does not require user intervention to change channels. Users no longer have to know what site to select when they are in any given area. Kelrad channel steering does it automatically for them!

Extremely Affordable - Connect all radios to a single computer yet display vehicle information on many different
client workstations.

Automatic Site Switching - Radios can automatically change to the closest tower site 'Roam" in conventional and LTR mode

Simultanious Protocols - The RDS Server System can run NexEdge, Conventional, LTR, Fleetsync VHF and UHF all at once offering nearly unlimited pssibilities. 

Glimpse Client Software - The remote computer software is powerwd by MapPoint 2010 and provides a wealth of information about your fleet's movements.

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