Where 2-Way Radio meets Extreme Software

The Kelrad Software System allows you to utilize one single computer connected to radios and forward retrieved GPS and sensor event data to remote client computers connected via the Internet. A single server computer can handle multiple frequencies (UHF and VHF) and protocols (Conventional, LTR and NexEdge)  simultaneously.  For LTR SMR service providers you can load multiple clients running under one Kenwood receive radio. 

This system will run under the Windows XP, Windows 7 and Server 2003 operating systems. Kelrad Software can provide you with a complete server package or you can provide your own computer.


There is no longer a need to install base radios at your various client locations.  You simply setup a RDS server and add a radio for each specific site.  With our site roaming technology your client's employees will always be selected to the best possible site.  This will dramatically reduce your investment and a single computer can handle thousands of mobile units from various clients.  Logged-in client software can ping units, send text messages, receive automatic updates, receive status events, find closest unit to an address, pull driver reports and playback vehicle movements.
We do not charge per vehicle licensing as you own the system.  There are no reoccurring monthly costs.

Industry specific Fleet Management Apps coming in 2011

Customization requests welcomed