Where 2-Way Radio meets Extreme Software
The Kelrad Software product line is made up of 2 main items:
Glimpse is Kelrad Software's latest client program that incorporates Microsoft MapPoint 2010 maps for fast and accurate operation.  The Glimse installed laptop or desktop can access AVL fleet traffic from the RDS master computer anywhere that basic internet service is available.  Check out these great features: 
Monitor and record vehicle location, speed, heading, status, time and date

Playback vehicle movements with detailed breadcrumb trail

View, print or export driver history reports with status events.  Export to Excel or PDF.

Send a location request or text message to a selected mobile unit

Find nearest unit, get driving directions, select satelitte view and much more...

The RDS Server Software allows a single computer to comunicate with multiple Kenwood radios as well as remote client computers.  This advanced software will send channel change commands to mobile units so they will always be selected to the best possible site for both voice and AVL.  A single server can handle a large number of mobile units, radios, protocols and client connections.  This is simply the best AVL product for Kenwood radios available today.

We have 4 different RDS systems available based on your requirements.  Fell free to contact us for a free no-obligation demonstration of this amazing product.

Call for Pricing and Payment Options
Call for Pricing and Payment Options
RDS Server is the central nerveous system which recieves all radio update information and comunicates back and forth with the Client mapping software
Client Software is the program containing Maps and can be intstalled anywhere the computer has internet access.